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Can You Help the Federation of North-American Explorers?

  1. Background and Key Objectives
  2. Parent and Youth Funding Responsibilities
  3. Corporate Funding Objectives
  4. Management of Donations
  5. Suggested Donation Process
  6. Donations

In our ever busy and demanding world, the need to seek funding through membership fees, internal fundraising projects, and through corporate or private financial donations is a necessity in order to develop and deliver our FNE Explorer program.

We take comfort in the fact that within our movement all funds raised directly benefit our youth and their all-volunteer leadership team. We have no paid staff, and no corporate overhead. There are no middlemen paid a management fee, nor are there any service charges deducted before the funds reach our FNE youth.

We invite interested parties who like what they see here within our Website regarding our group and movement, to consider the potential opportunity to make a private or corporate financial donation to support our program goals and objectives.

As a soon to be registered charity, we will acknowledge any and all donations formally with income tax receipts promptly issued for donations greater than $10.00 upon request.


In August of 1999 we launched a traditional and dynamic youth program for boys in Timber Wolves (age 8.5-11), Explorers (age 12-17) and Wayfarer Explorers (age 17 plus)

Currently, better than 150 youth and leaders (with extensive leadership experience) are enrolled in our vibrant and dynamic youth program. Numbers are expected to increase substantially in subsequent years, as additional resources become available.  In August of 2011 we celebrated our 12th year of operation.

We are proud members of a movement known as the Union International des Guides et Scouts d'Europe-FSE, who are active in some 19 different countries including Canada. Our focus is the delivery of traditional program values, as designed by the founder of the Scouting organization, Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell.

Key Program Objectives

Through regular weekly meetings, outings and all season camping, our objectives are to foster:

  • Respect for self and others
  • Discipline, responsibility, commitment.

  • Responsibility along with a sense of belonging through the wearing of complete uniforms.
  • Duty and responsibility to family first and foremost.
  • Duty and service to the community (e.g. visiting a nursing home or raking leaves for the elderly.)
  • Duty to God by encouraging the youth to embrace their faith as part of daily living.
  • Respect and care for nature, animals and the environment (e.g. by cleaning up a park).

  • A sense of belonging to a brotherhood or sisterhood, with positive adult role models.
  • Understanding, and a desire to help others.
  • Fun, and sharing in adventure.

  • The development of lifelong skills (e.g. first aid, leadership)

Parental and Youth Funding Responsibilities

We strive to ensure that the youth and their parents understand that they must share in the responsibility to contribute to the funds required to support both the short and long-term delivery of the program. On the other hand, to spend the majority of our time fundraising by selling door-to-door products such as chocolate bars measurably reduces available time for critical program delivery activities. Thus, some sort of a balance must be struck.

  • Each youth is encouraged to contribute a percentage of their allowance towards base line national membership fees.
  • Parents hold the responsibility to pay yearly membership fees along with annual summer camp fees.
  • Financial support for families who are unable to afford some or the entire fee including a uniform will be made available to ensure that all interested youth have the ability to join our organization.
  • Parents, youth and leaders will work together at annual fund-raiser.


Corporate Funding Objectives

To support long-term programs we are seeking potential donations to support:

  • Funding to assist youth of needy families for year one in the start up of a new group
  • Support for International Exchange Visit to France in August of 2014 for a Jamboree with 10,000 brother and sister Explorers!
  • Making and supply of uniform parts to support future growth of our growing movement
  • Transportation - long term plans related to the lease / purchase of a 12 passenger van
  • To maintain our seven passenger van used to support a wide range of program activities
  • Sports equipment for games and youth skill development
  • Craft supplies for younger youth and their programs
  • Badges for youth to support group identification on camping uniforms and other group identification materials
  • Manuals, and badges in support of a well developed and proven program
  • Cost of insurance for equipment and other related requirements (van)
  • Development of public relations materials to help grow our movement
  • Program resources and related support materials for each new unit
  • Office supplies and related materials to help keep our members informed
  • Camp rental costs (weekend rental rates now fall into the $1200.00 plus range)
  • Base line of uniform items that are loaned to the youth and retained as group property


Management of Donations

  • Income tax receipts will be issued for all donations greater then $10 on request.
  • 100% of all funds raised will go directly to the youth and their program. No funds are directed to administrative or service charge or management fee overheads.
  • 100% of all adult members of our FNE Explorer movement are volunteers as originally intended by Baden-Powell. Thus no donations are spent on support staff.



Suggested Donation Process

The Federation of North-American Explorers is formally registered as a not-for-profit organization registered within the Province of Ontario. We are further authorized to issue income tax receipts for donations by Revenue Canada (effective end of April 2012)

1. PayPal option (top left side) 

2. Interested parties are invited to make your cheque payable to the Federation of North-American Explorers and mail to the attention of:

Paul Ritchi, General Commissioner
Federation of North-American Explorers (FNE)
c/o 43 Bluesky Crescent
Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
L4C 8J2

If you have any questions or would like more information, please feel free to Contact Us

Your consideration to this request for support is sincerely appreciated by our youth, their leaders, and parents. Thank you.



The  Federation of North-American Explorers (FNE) - would like to formally acknowledge financial donations from the following parties, plus several others who asked not to be identified - thank you!

Platinum Sponsors ($10,000+):

Catholic Charities Archdiocese of Toronto 

Gold Sponsors ($5,000+): 

Silver Sponsors ($2,000+):
Blessed Trinity Parish

Rotary Club Toronto

Order of Malta


Bronze Sponsors:

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kennedy

Mr. John Kennedy 

Mr. and Mrs. Tam

Mr. and Mrs. Chan

Mr. and Mrs. Greer

Mr. and Mrs. Savritski


Bronze Sponsors con't: 



New sponsors or donations are italisized.

We would be pleased to add your name or corporation to this list - please and thank you!


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