Who Can Join?

The FNE is a faith-based movement, conforming its mission, activities, and policies to the Roman Catholic faith.

The FNE incorporates the methods developed by the first Chief Scout Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell, and by Venerable Father Jacques Sevin, SJ, of France. The FNE has separate programs for boys and girls, ages 6 ½ to 24.  Men lead boy units; women lead girl units.  The FNE uses vigorous outdoor activities—hiking, camping, canoeing, and games—to deliver its program.  FNE activities are designed to train youth in leadership, personal advancement and service to others.  Instruction in Catholic faith and morals and participation in religious activities are integral to FNE programs. Joining our FNE movement includes making a promise to be loyal and faithful to Jesus Christ and his church.    


Parental help and support in some way from each family are requested and looked for in order to effectively support our efforts as an all volunteer organization deliver a dynamic program to our youth.

Confidential financial assistance is available to those families who may otherwise not afford the membership fees or special event (i.e. Summer Camp) fees. 



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