Why be a Volunteer?

by Paul Ritchi – Founder – FNE Explorers

We are looking for good people from all walks of life and backgrounds volunteer their services to make a positive difference in the life of a child, to leave a positive impact that will help each youth member become a better person, to grow into responsible, successful, loving, and happy, members of our Catholic / Christian faith community and within society at large.

10 great reasons to become a leader:

  • To live and promote through example our Catholic Christian faith with the youth entrusted to our care.  As Jesus said – Let the children come to me. Will you help our youth reach out to Christ?

  • Fun with our youth and your fellow leaders in same gender programs
  • Develop friendships that will last a life time
  • Nature… explore and better appreciate what God has made for us all

  • Outdoors, environment, camp, canoe, hike, come and share and experience the excitment

  • Be part of a great team of volunteers, learn from others!
  • Develop new personal skill sets (communication, coordination, planning) and how to become an effective leader
  • Set and achieve personal developmental goals or objectives by being a leader
  • Gain a sense of accomplishment and peace as you work and play with our youth and your fellow leaders
  • Truly make a positive difference in the life of a child, help them choose the right path in life

Requirements… no previous program experience is required, potential volunteers need to undergo a police and background check… from there only a desire to serve, to become part of our Explorer family, and to do ones best… you won’t be disappointed! <Group located Toronto and south York Region area>

Paul Ritchi – General Commissioner and Founder at 416-435-6593 or e mail  info@www.fneexplorers.com

Can we interest you in giving this request further consideration?

We provide the uniform, pay for the membership fee and training as programs of interest become available. Meetings are held one evening a week (during the school year) along with seasonal weekend camping experiences (generally three weekends per year). A summer camp experience (ranging from 3 to 13 days in length) is generally offered to all interested parties pending the age of the youth and leadership availability.

To ensure no potential confusion, we are associated with the FSE (International Union of Scouts and Guides of Europe – FSE) a Catholic faith based Scouting and Guiding movement some 55,000 members strong, active in some 17 different countries. Our FNE movement is in no way associated with the Boy Scouts of Canada, Scouts Canada or the Girl Guide of Canada, Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts of America organizations. We are an all-volunteer movement that plans to grow to more areas within the GTA, Ottawa and in the USA over the next few months and years. Weekly meetings are held at one of three schools centered off Yonge St. or Bayview Ave in Thornhill, between Highway 407 and Steeles Ave and a program for boy timber wolves at a school in the York Mills and Don Mills area of Toronto.  Another new group will start in the Jane and Shoreham area of Toronto while we also grow our new group in the Philadelphia area!

Please consider our offer. If you elect to get involved you won’t be disappointed!

Sincerely yours,
Paul Ritchi
General Commissioner
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Some comments from parents:

“It’s great having our son involved in the FNE Timber Wolves. He is learning life skills and people skills and all this with our Lord as a main focus. It’s invaluable!”

“I find as a parent of a boisterous boy Timber Wolves have positively impacted his attitude and actions as related to respect and kindness towards peers and adults alike.”

“The entire program is a well balanced, structured program full of fun, team building, skills building, faith building and good people building”

You offer a future for our children to live into, not a destination, but a journey to travel, a life to live, to love, to worship, to live the values of our faith each and every day.

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