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For better than 50 years now Camp Endobanah has been providing FNE Explorers, Guides and other not-for-profit youth groups with the opportunity to experience the "outdoors" through all four seasons of the year.

Located in the Haliburton Highlands, less than a two hour drive from the Greater Toronto area, Camp Endobanah plays a key role in many all-volunteer youth group camping programs.

Situated on the north shore of Shadow Lake, just east of Norland Ontario, where the Gull River empties into the top end of Shadow Lake, this camp is ideal for young campers who are best suited to enjoy their camping experience from a fixed location.

Endobanah is a native-Canadian word that means "by the bend in the river" .

The central focus of its facilities is the large dining hall, first erected in the summer of 1942, complete with a fireplace, and a fully equipped kitchen with all of the required support materials present.

Waterfront facilities include a beach, a multi-level dock, a diving board and a designated swimming area. A large boathouse houses two aluminum rowboats and a limited number of canoes.

The almost 10-acre property includes varied natural terrain that effectively supports nature walks, orientation programs and large-scale games. A large campfire site is enjoyed extensively for elaborate singsongs, plays, cookouts, mystery stories and more, by young campers.

Program activities, depending on the season, include swimming, canoeing, diving, skating, cross-country skiing, ice fishing, nature observation skill development, camp-out in tents, star gazing, and much much more!

The camp has six heated cabins that accommodate upwards of 65 people. Summer use only facilities increase these numbers to better than 100.

Use of the camp is extensive with campers on site every day of the summer, and all but 6 weekends throughout the year.

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