Tools used to deliver actual program

This are the key techniques to make our program successful:


  • Youth leadership development  through structured leadership roles in the program (sixers and seconds)

  • Weekly meetings, outings, all season camping weekends and summer camps
  • Pilgrimages and a yearly weekend retreat

  • Badge and Star program to promote the development of a wide range of practical and life skill sets 
  • Fun and adventure in the form of physical, mental, team, trust games and other related events

  • Active participation in our faith activities such as Mass, confession, Adoration, Rosary prayers and Chaplet of Divine Mercy

  • Hand eye coordination and planning and joint effort in construction projects in camp environments
  • Positive role models for our youth both at the adult and youth level
  • Outdoor skills such as canoeing, swimming, backpacking and shelter survival techniques 
  • Cooking and preparing own meals for older youth at camp
  • Ceremonies, symbols, routines, structure, purpose and accountability at all levels 

  • Making a personal sacrifice for others, serving others such as feeding the homeless
  • Living our promise and law

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