Recent Parental Feedback


I heard of the FNE by accident while I was looking for a summer camp for son.  I spoke with Paul and he recommended me to bring my son to the Timber Wolves program even if it was March already, to witness the program.  I was surprised by their activities specially the child's opportunity to grow in their faith.  Coming from a Catholic school myself from my home country,where religion is well practiced,  the FNE has made Jacob realize the importance of prayer and even  of becoming a priest someday. He enjoys FNE because its a balance of all activities:in play, social interaction, leadership, helping, and in being close to God.  I am proud of his awareness and of his learnings and discoveries.  I am learning too from FNE, reminding me of my religious obligations as a Catholic,such attending the Stations of the Cross, going to Confession and helping those who are in need.  I really like the camaraderie of FNE, helping and supporting one another.

“My son's self-esteem has raised significantly as his sense of belonging to a exciting group grows"

    "My sons especially confess that God, far way above the sky, is now near them and even exists in their body... what a great blessing"

    "My son has developed a strong belief about existence of GOD has led him to be more faithful to GOD"

Early Spring Canoe trip during unexpected harsh weather conditions......

Despite the harsh weather conditions, Tommy was more than pleased to have attended the camp. It is true he was slightly displeased with the bitter cold upon his initial arrival at the camping site, but upon hearing his recounts of the camp, it seems as if after only several short hours he was able to enjoy the camping experience. He told me that he found the experience extremely valuable for he learned many things, like how to deal with weather conditons such as those in which he endured over the weekend. He enjoyed all the various activities in which the group partook in throughout the duration of the camp.

    With Tommy's continued attendance to these camps, he has learned many valuable life skills and for this I am grateful to the FNE, for it has helped Tommy in growing into an independant and strong individual. Tommy was recounting to me of the various feats he was able to execute, such as his newfound ability to set up a tent and even packing a travelling bag all on his own. When I heard this, I was very proud of Tommy and glad. In truth, Tommy's father is oftentimes busy with a tight work schedule and is not able to partake in many leisure activities, such as camping, with him. Due to this, Tommy has not had many chances to take part in these activities and has only recently been able to do so through his participation in the FNE.
    The leaders that led the camp were extremely helpful, and it seems they played a big role into making this camp into a success. Tommy greatly enjoyed the camp, even down to the tiniest details. I was not able to inquire as to the other boys' opinions and feelings revolving around attendance to this camp, however, from what I have heard from Tommy, I think it would be safe to conclude that all the boys enjoyed the camp despite the weather conditions.
  Lastly I would like to, once again, thank the FNE for guiding Tommy on his way into becoming a sufficient individual, into someone who is able to accomplish things on their own without assistance or guidance.

  "Interests and knowledge about Catholic faith has increased tremendously since she joined the group. She now strongly believes that there is GOD out there!"


"He loves the Timber Wolves weekly and special programs - He always chooses to go to Timber Wolves meeting over other activities when there is conflict"


    "We have sincere trust and appreciation for our committed volunteer leaders who are working really hard to lead our children to be exposed to great, fun and meaningful activities"


    "We are hoping and beginning to see our son and our daughter becoming more sociable amongst friends in school as well as outside of school"


    "We are happy to see that our leaders are acting as a great mentor for our children that help our children grow into physically, socially, environmentally and spiritually stronger children"


    "The Timber Wolf and Explorer program has brought many positive changes to our family"


    "It is nice to see how the older girls taking care of the younger Timber Wolves members especially for those new to the program"


    "My husband really enjoyed volunteering for weekend camps where he could truly play with youth without worrying about the daily hardships of life"


    "My daughter is now reminding us the parents to pray before each meal when we forgot :)"


    "My son now strongly believes GOD and often telling non-Christian friends about the existence of GOD excitedly"


    "My son is always waiting for the next Timber Wolves meeting and writing in his dairy about the interesting program and shares it with his teachers and friends at school"


    "My son will from time to time, wake up early in the morning and pray the ROSARY - for me this is a breathtaking moment"


    "My son brought some literature from the seminary visit and shared it with his teachers at school"


    "Our children, on Timber Wolves meeting day, they are always READY way before the meeting time pushing me to be hurry because they do not want to miss out any second of it"


    "It is nice to see my daughter is getting along with group of other children and learning positive team work and social skills"


    "My son wants to become a leader to help other Timber Wolves when he grows up"


    "My son wants to start up a Timber Wolf den like this one in Korea when he grows up to be an adult"


Of particular value is the positive environment and opportunities for spiritual growth. Eric's faith in God has increased significantly after he joined the group. He is usually shy, but opened up and became more independent after the FNE. I was pleasantly surprised of how well he engaged with the boys since the very first time he went for a meeting – cleaning up a park and joining them for a barbecue. It's a uniformed organization, but Eric seems to enjoy this - it gives him a sense of belonging and importance. He is awarded with badges and is very proud of them.


From a mother who has just arrived in Canada with her two sons:

Dear Akela

I'm Andy and Harry's mom. Andy and Harry are in the Timber Wolves for a month now. I'd like to show you how they have changed over time. My sons are visa students. We came to Canada for the first time last July. We live in Aurora, and there's no Korean Church here. They didn't go Church. After they joined the Timber Wolves, they always attend Church.


Harry will have his first communion during Easter. Both boys said they will not play Nintendo game during Lent. It's a marvelous change!!! I thank God for leading my sons to the Timber Wolves. I saw the programs, and each program is to my great liking and extremely useful. We always look forward to the time we go there. I am sorry that I cannot do more to help. But I'll try my best for the things I can do. I respect your passion about Timber Wolves, and I'm impressed by it. I'll pray for you and your family.



From another Mother:

This is Ian's mom, Judy. Most of all, I really appreciate your awesome work for the explorer members. Ian has been having a great time since he joined the timber wolves. And, also he's looking forward to going to the spring and summer camp. As Ian's dad usually stays at Korea, he cannot work as a volunteer to help you. I apologize about it. But he's very satisfied with Ian's explorer participation as whenever Ian sees his dad; he talks about timber wolves very much. If there's anything that I can help, just let me know.

Message from a 9 year of Timber Wolf

To Akela

Hi Akela, I'm Harry
I went to Canada last year,
and I had very lucky stuff.
You knew that I won the 1st place in two chess tournament.
I have two good news.
First l won the Remembrance Day poster-10$,
and second l won the poem contest-15$.
l made cash prize (25$) first time, so l want to use where it's good for anywhere
l thought Timber wolf helps lot to me,
so I'm giving the den 25$.
Maybe it's little bit for your den,
but it's lot for me.
Thank you for your kindness everyday that we met.


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