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FNE has been hosting Tuesday Evening Youth Forum on Radio Maria for many years. Here is the achive of interesting topics discussed by Timebr Wolfes and Explores:













2012 December: The Meaning of Christmas

2012 July: Live from camp Endobanah 2012

2012 June: What Christ means to FNE Timber Wolves


2011 December: The Meaning of Christmas

2011 November: The Sermon on the Mount

2011 July: What does it mean to be a Catholic

2011 June: The Power of Prayer

2011 January: What Faith Means to Children

2010 November: Faith

2010 October: St. Francis of Assisi

2010 July: Growing in the Faith

2010 April: How to keep your children Catholic

2010 March: Lent

2010 February: Sexuallity and the Catholic Teen

2010 January: The Ten Commandments

2009 December: Advent

2009 November: Remembrance Day

2009 October: The Power of Prayer

2009 May: Mother Mary...who is she and how she guides her children

2009 April: How to be the Light of Jesus as a young person in today's world

2009 March: The Passion of Christ. What are the messages for our youth today?

2009 February: What Does Ash Wednesday and Lent mean to me?

2009 January: How to become an ordinary Saint

2008 December: Advent and Christmas

2007 July: The Rosary



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