Parishes, Priests and Religious Community

How we help each other:

  • Assistance in youth programs
  • Encouragement for those who may be called to the Religious life by the Lord to not be afraid and to enquire about possible calling
  • A deep Love of God through a Christ centered approach blossoms and deepens 
  • Effective evangelization of their parents and friends 
  • Learn to defend their Catholic faith and to have the courage to swim against the tide, to be different 
  • Grow in love for their parents and other family members
  • Grow in respect for their parish and for the love of our Holy Father the Pope, to pray for him, our Bishops and Priests
  • The power of value of prayer especially prayers for others
  • A growing understanding, love for a desire to receive the sacraments especially the Eucharist and  reconciliation  
  • Youth enjoy participating in special parish events such as Stations of the Cross and Eucharistic Adoration or singing the Chaplet of Divine Mercy or praying with others the Rosary
  • Participate in regular Pilgrimages as far away as Rome Italy
  • Participate in retreats
  • Inspirational for other youth and members of your parish 
  • Making a positive difference in helping to save souls
  • Youth and leaders are striving to become Ordinary saints

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