Parent Information

Throughout the course of our program parents come to ask us for additional information as related to community leaders, and educational facilities that we as a youth group have either entered into a partnership with or have worked with jointly to support various local community or faith related service projects.

Here is why this program will help you:

    • Measurable tools and program activities that counteract or counter balance negative societal influences and pressures 
    • Support parental efforts to raise happy, successful, responsible, resilient, respectful Christ centered children
    • Program stresses sense of family and often helps grow the love that the children have for their parents and other family members
    • Increased responsibility and challenges as the child progresses through the movement 
    • Learning how to be more independent as to taking care of self and their belongings
    • Learn how to live work, play with and work with youth from other cultures and life experiences to  help prepare them for future life experiences
    • Truly feel part of a brother or sister hood
    • Single gender program experience, to further appreciate or understand what it means to become a good man or women
    • Youth are all encouraged to grow into becoming an ordinary saint with the Grace of God and with help from their parents, leaders and fellow youth members

    We hope that interested parents and supporters of our group and our movement will find these links useful. We will add additional links as our collective efforts to support and care for the youth entrusted to our care grow to include other community groups and leaders.

    Useful links : links

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