Our Programs


Our Specific Section Programs - a Quick Overview

Within our FNE program we offer the following programs:

  • Otters* - for boys aged 6 and 7, and girl Otters for girls ages 6 and 7 (* if numbers and volunteer availability warrant).
  • Timber Wolves - for boys aged 8 to 12, and Girl Timber Wolves for girls aged 8 to 12
  • Explorers - for boys aged 12 1/2 to 16 and girl Explorers for girls aged 12 1/2 to 16
  • Wayfarers - ages 17 to 24 with one unit for women and other for men

Our organization as a whole build upon five key goals:

  • Health - one's personality is built within a balanced body
  • Sense of concrete things - manual projects and practical things
  • Character development
  • providing service to others and our community
  • having a sense of God in everyday living

A common uniform is worn for ALL FNE Explorer program sections, one for male members, and one for female members.

Boy Timber Wolf Program & Girl Timber Wolf Program

Our youth, as part of their Timber Wolf program, experience will participate in a wide range of activities that support five basic rules:

  1. A timber wolf always thinks of others first.
  2. A timber wolf opens his eyes and his ears (development of observational skills).
  3. A timber wolf is always clean (tough to do with most youth at this age, also related to wearing of their FNE Timber Wolf uniform).
  4. A timber wolf always tells the truth.
  5. A timber wolf is always happy (maintains a positive can-do attitude).

Our Timber Wolf pledge that supports our sense of belonging, brotherhood or sisterhood, and all members being treated fairly and equally regardless of colour, creed, or citizenship, states and we quote "We are the same blood you and I".

Boy Explorer and Girl Explorer Program

Our youth as part of their Explorer Troop program experience will participate in a wide range of activities that support key personal values and our FNE principles.

Key Explorer values are broken down into three distinct areas on which the program is built around to support and encourage while providing enough challenge to keep our Explorers or Guides well challenged:


Trust - in self, members of the Troop, our movement and mankind (while being self-aware, to be responsible for one's actions and that of others).

Dedication - to finish what you start, to work hard, to support the troop, our FNE movement, not to give up.

Clean in thoughts, words, and deeds - to live their promise and law, to become the best that they can be, to be a responsible, successful and happy member of our community.


The first responsibility of the Explorer is at home, then to take responsibility for his/her country, to stand up for a free and brotherly/ sisterly world, while also being proud of and practicing his/her faith.

There is an aggressive progression program for the Explorers to follow throughout their time starting with Promise cross requirements, 2nd Class award and then their 1st Class Award.

There are additional specialty areas to explore to ensure that our members are very well challenged. Subject areas and related program activities include but are not limited to service to the community, woodcraft skills, sports, nature study, acting, tracking, camping skills, survival skills, leadership development and much more.

Our Explorer progression program is like no other program available to our youth within our community

Please see individual Troop web pages boys - Eagle and girls - Dove for additional information.

FNE - Wayfarer Explorer Program

The primary focus of this program is centered around providing service to the community, self-development, and/or to supporting the younger groups deliver their programs. This program, one for males and one for females are for young adults ages 17 and up.

Our Wayfarers pay particular attention to life, as life is seen as a mission, to grow closer to the Lord, to assume a growing sense of responsibility for the family, the group, and one's community.  In short, they find their way forward with a sense of purpose, value, service, self-development and the love to hear and serve God.  

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