Our Facilities


The Camp - It's Great Facilities- Maintained by an All-Volunteer Team!

Lodge: a fully winterized set up to meet the needs of our campers all year round has a useable floor space better than 1,000 square feet, complete with tables for eating (fast food restaurant style) and other tables (large picnic style tables) for crafts, games, and more. A wood stove provides extra heating to the propane heating system for the coldest days, to a large stone fireplace for use during the non-winter season.

Kitchen: large, complete with freezers, commercial fridge, now with running water year round, a 10 burner propane stove and a large commercial sized grill to meet the demands of even the largest groups. During the winter months a commercial dishwashing machine is available. The kitchen comes complete with all the required cooking utensils, pots and pans, and dishes for the campers.

Boat House: during the non-summer season is used to store the camp’s water front equipment; during the summer it is frequently used for crafts, a games room, and a place to hang out on those rainy days! A limited number of canoes and rowboats are available for use by the campers.

Cabins available year round:

Heated Cabins Occupants
Old Mans Home sleeps 10 in 3 rooms (4/ 4/ 2)
Wee-Jee-Ell sleeps 10 in 2 rooms (6/ 4)
Mit-A-Win sleeps 10 in 2 rooms (6/ 4)
Shadow A sleeps 14 in 2 rooms (10/ 4)
Shadow B sleeps 14 in 2 rooms (10/ 4)
Admin Cabin sleeps 4 adult leaders, and one on a pull out couch if required

Summer (non-heated) cabins: sleep 6 campers each, there are five of these units available.

Washroom facilities: Winter - currently 3 flush toilets are available. Summer - 10 flush toilets are available.

Showers - non-winter onlyTiger Showers can accommodate as many as 12 campers at a time. A sauna is also available.

Beach - Swimming Area: a gently sloping sand beach is available for swimmers and non-swimmers alike. Qualified lifeguards must be present when swimmers are in the water. Lifejackets MUST be worn buy ALL campers when in canoes or boats without fail!

Sports Field: we have a baseball diamond and another large section of the field that can be used for a soccer game.

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