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The Otter program for boys OR for girls is set for those children typical ages 6 and 7. 



In Otters we....

•Create an environment of joy, happiness and a sense of Exploring the world around us
•To feel welcome and loved
•Encouraged to make a positive difference in the lives of others through a sense of fair play, enjoying the outdoors and grow stronger in their faith
•Otters divided into burrows of 4 to 6 in each
•Uniform same as timber wolves but no, pouch or rope
Otter progression:
•First joining called an Otter Pup
•Otter Promise – In front of all my friends, I promise to Love God, to obey the Law of the Otter Lodge and always be a good Otter
•Otter Law – To know who I am as a child of God and as an Otter and then to know and help the other Otters in my Otter Lodge
•Otter Rules:
1.I love God and respect what God has created
2.I follow and obey instructions given to me
3.I play and work hard.
4.I will do my best to help others.
5.With my leaders I will explore the world around me.


For more information please contact the General Commissioner Paul Ritchi at  !

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