Leadership Development

The success of our program at the youth and adult level is based on how well the group comes together as a team or a family while actively promoting and developing leadership skills within all program levels.

Our FNE movement actively promotes a sense of loyalty, working together to help each other, to do one's best, to live our promise and law each and every day. In addition, we stress to our youth - to finish what it is that they start!

An aggressive leadership training program is in place for our youth leaders known as Patrol Chiefs at the Explorer level and to a lesser extent for Sixers at the Timber Wolf level.

At our Timber Wolf level, for example,  we have developed a set of leadership responsibilities that we strive to help our sixers achieve in a consistent and reliable basis.

What is a patrol chief’s role? It is to lead his or her patrol and most particularly to help every member to improve his personal life, using the explorer method. More precisely, he has to build up a yearly program with very precise aims. When activities are achieved, he or she has to gather his or her patrol in order to record the end results (also known as making a balance sheet) and to prepare patrol future activities.

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