As a private individual or as a corporate representative one may ask, why should we do this, what is in it for us, or how will donated funds be managed? We offer the following perspectives for your consideration:

Why make a donation?

  • Canada’s youth are the leaders of tomorrow. An investment made in our all-volunteer movement will benefit the youth entrusted to our care for decades to come.
  • 100% of all funds donated go directly to our youth; there are no salaries, overhead, or administrative fees deducted from donations.
  • Children who participate in our “education for life” program are more likely (to name just a few) to be sensitive in their later years to our environment, being respectful to their elders, assuming and accepting responsibility, strengthening their faith, being comfortable in working with others from many diverse backgrounds and cultures.
  • Your donation will have an immediate impact, your donation will allow us to take a key step forward in the continued growth and development of our movement, a movement with passion, determination, and the drive to place the needs of the youth entrusted to our care first!
    What can the “Federation of North-America Explorers” offer in return?
  • Annual audited financial statements are available upon request.
  • Formal recognition of your donation published in our annual report, to our membership and to the community at large.
  • Individuals or companies contributing between $500 and $2,000 will be designated as Bronze Level FNE Explorer Donors, from $2,001 to $4,999 as Silver Level FNE Explorer Donors, from $5,000 to $9,999 as Gold Level FNE Explorer Donors and from $10,000 and up as Platinum Level FNE Explorer Donors.
  • Official “income tax receipts” are issued for all donations greater than $10.00 upon request
  • Formal thank you letters follow all donations received
  • A private or corporate sponsor thank you note is in place on our main website opening page that randomly selects a Platinum, Gold or Silver sponsor.
  • We encourage our members to “patronize” your place of business if it is suitable or practical.
  • All donations are recognized and appreciated no matter what the size.

We are convinced, now how do we make a donation?

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Please contact the General Commissioner

Paul Ritchi, Founder & General Commissioner
(416) 435-6593

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