Frequently Asked Questions

Answers for parents and children new to the FNE Timber Wolf Den program

Weekly Meetings... What is Involved?

Den's typically meet once weekly on a weeknight throughout the school year.

Parental Objectives/Leadership Objectives as to Program.

The Timber Wolf program runs along established FNE guidelines that will compliment your efforts as parents to raise a responsible, happy and successful member of our faith and social community. Concurrently our program will help develop mutual respect for self, others, the environment, the Timber Wolf promise that states in part... to be faithful to God, my Country, my Parents... along with individual leadership skills.

What Do Timber Wolves Do?

They want to experience adventure in a positive and safe environment, to have fun, to feel that they belong as brothers or sisters with their fellow Timber Wolves, and to make new friends.

Our program meets and often exceeds the boys or girls needs through exciting and varied weekly meetings (games, guest speakers, badge program, crafts, acting, songs and more), small group outings (airport, cookie plant, fire hall, hospital to name a few), weekend camps (see camping section for specifics), along with an annual Summer Camp.

Who Can Join?

Any interested boy or girl between the typical ages of 8 and 12. At age 12 1/2 the Timber Wolves move up into the Explorer section (ages 12 1/2 to 16). Confidential financial assistance is available upon request for those who could otherwise not afford to join, as we believe no child should be denied the opportunity to participate in our Timber Wolf program.Therefore should family financial resources not be available to cover all of the costs (that equate to about $1.25 per program hour), please contact the leaders of the Timber Wolf Den.

Any Membership Requirements?

Only that our Timber Wolves fully participate in the program being offered, and that parental support (for example being able to help transport the Timber Wolves to a special event) is there. We are all volunteers working together so that our youth can fully benefit from the program.


Will my child need another uniform when he is of age for Explorers?

No, he will not - only the badges on his uniform will change.

When does my child need to wear his or her uniform?

Full and complete Timber Wolf uniform is required for all activities unless indicated otherwise. (track pants can be worn over shorts for the boys and skirts or skorts for the girls to and from events during cold weather). Timber Wolves must wear running shoes while involved in indoor activities as no boots are allowed in the gym and playing in sock feet is not safe.


What about supervision for my child and the other Timber Wolves?

Our Timber Wolves are well looked after and supervised at all times. As parents, our leaders understand and appreciate the importance of their care and safety. Given the age of the youth and a ratio of approximately one leader for every 5 to 6 timber wolves, they are well cared for.

Who are the leaders?

Leaders are primarily fathers or mothers and other responsible adults who volunteer their time to run the best possible program for all of our Timber Wolves and to have fun while doing so. Leadership is a very rewarding experience, where friends are made for life, and good memories of times at camp and within the organization are treasured for many years. Responsible adults ages 18 and above (including parents of boys enrolled in the Timber Wolf Den) are encouraged to contact the group leader for more information. 

The current leadership team consists of volunteer leaders with experience ranging from 10 plus years to 6 months or less.


How will my child be treated or looked after?

Every child is an individual, we treat your child as if he or she was our own while under our care. We measure your child's success not by the number of badges that he or she earns... rather that she or he did his or her best in whatever Timber Wolf event that they may be participating in. We will do what we can to help every child to do their best.

What about information on upcoming events?

Being informed in a timely manner is very important. Newsletters and equipment lists (as what to bring to a camp) are published on a regular basis.


When my child joins - does he have a special group that he belongs to?

All Timber Wolves belong to a small group of about 6 boys or girls that are lead by two designated Timber Wolves who have leadership responsibilities. In turn, leaders are assigned to look after each group for the year and act as the primary contact for you, the parents. This way neither you as his parent(s), nor your child, gets lost in the shuffle, so to speak.

What are the fee's to join?

Fees are based on the time of year that your son joins the Den. There is one fee that covers all projected costs, including transportation to and from camps, meals, accommodations, outings, badges, crafts and more. Actual costs amount to about $2.50 per hour spent in the Timber Wolf program. Summer Camp fees are not included in yearly membership fees.

Can parents come and see what Timber Wolves do?

Yes, we have an open door policy. Parents are welcome to visit and remain for any meeting, to help with outings and special trips, and same gender parents are encouraged to stay and participate in a weekend camps and join us for some or all of summer camp.


Do you embrace activities that actively encourages our child to better live his promise as it relates to being "Faithful to God"?

We do so by sharing stories, prayers, and worshiping together at Mass on Sunday's while away at camp and for other special occasions such as a Mass with an Auxiliary Bishop or with the Archbishop. As leaders we do our best to set a good example as part of every day living. Our "Being faithful to God" activities are presented from a Catholic Christian perspective. We encourage our Timber Wolves to live their faith as part of their daily lives as they experience ways to reach out to help others, while also respecting the unique differences that make up each individual human being all while growing ever stronger in their relationship with the Lord through their growing faith base.

What happens if I have any more questions?

Please contact your local Akela - Timber Wolf Den leader or any one of the leadership team members at any time. We are more than willing to answer any questions that you may have.

Are you in any way part of another youth organization?

We are proud members of the Federation of North-American Explorers - FNE which in turn is based fully in the Union Internationale des Guides et Scouts d'Europe - FSE. We are in no way affiliated with, nor part of  any other like organization. Our movement is run totally by volunteers, for volunteers.


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