Finding God at Camp


Being Faithful to God

Our program as it relates to "Being Faithful to God" is a meaningful part of our program that is presented from a Catholic Christian perspective. Throughout our program, we encourage our youth to be "faithful" to God as part of every day living.

We open our weekly meetings with ceremonies that include the renewal of our promise and sharing together an opening prayer, thought of the week to generate discussion and opportunities on a monthly basis for our youth and leaders to participate in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

On a regular basis our youth members and their leaders gather together to better embrace our promise as it relates to "Being faithful to God" at a camp by attending Sunday Mass for weekend camps and daily Mass at summer camp, or at special gatherings for our youth such as at a Mass at a local area church or through a Pilgrimage as far away as Rome Italy! We encourage our youth to embrace and grow in their faith as part of their overall program experience.

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