A small collection of FAQ

Youth with the support of their parents who are supportive of the Catholic Christian confessional nature of the program delivered by FNE. Youth who profess a specific non-Christian faith belief or are members of a non-Christian faith cannot be admitted as members out of respect for their family beliefs and religious practices as the FNE Explorer program at every level acknowledges Jesus Christ as their saviour and that they are a child of the Holy Trinity.

Parents will support their child in having their son or daughter participate in the FNE program, wear neatly and completely the designated uniform and support FNE community service projects and fundraisers on a regular basis.

We are a registered not for profit charity. We seek donations from corporations, private individuals, yearly membership fees and local group fundraising activities such as pancake breakfasts at parishes, raking leaves in the fall, tag sales at local area plaza’s and a spaghetti and movie night. 100% of funds raised directly support the FNE movement given that all leaders and board members are volunteers who donate their time and services.

We are recognized as a private pontifical association of faithful by the Holy See as well by the local Archdioceses * as a Catholic Lay Movement. (* for newly founded groups this approval is pending). The church supports the faith development aspects of our program while bringing to our youth and their leaders the sacraments of the Holy Eucharist and Reconciliation (confession).

We are as noted above members of our home movement called the International Union of Guides and Scouts of Europe (also known as the FSE) some 55,000 members strong and growing in 19 countries. FNE is active in Canada Toronto, southern York Region (founding group), Ottawa, Quebec City, in the USA in Philadelphia, Miami, Sacramento, New Hampshire, Oceanside, Atlanta, Sugar Land Houston, Oklahoma City and soon in another 9 US and Canadian locations totaling 500 plus members strong.

Yes uniquely and proudly so. Our youth and their leaders wear a uniform that their brothers and sisters wear in Europe, one for girls (blue tops, skorts and knee socks) and one for boys (tan tops, shorts, and knee socks). Timber Wolves wear berets and Explorers, and leaders wear Stetsons or berets (local choice option). Unique belts are worn along with a one-decade rosary and for timber wolves a pouch and rope. This uniform is worn by all youth and leaders without exception.

Expansion of our Catholic faith-based FNE movement is undertaken with careful consideration and on a small scale basis with quality before quantity being a key factor. We seek out the right leaders who will ensure the sustainable success of a new FNE group while ensuring that the quality of the FNE program is never compromised or under delivered.

FNE, its name, symbols, manuals, programs, affiliation, are copyright and trademarked. No one is authorized to speak on behalf of FNE other than its General Commissioner or his authorized delegates, or the President of the FNE Board of Directors; nor is anyone authorized to start up an FNE Group or Chapter unless approved beforehand by the FNE General Commissioner.

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