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Who we are


We are a volunteer Catholic Christian faith-based youth movement.  By “movement” we mean that the varied FNE program experience can help shape the character, social, environmental, spiritual, leadership aspects of your child into his or her adult life.  This single gender male or female program experience includes weekly gatherings, regular field trips, all season weekend camping opportunities,  International Travel excursions and an annual summer camp. 

We are members of a larger movement known as the International Union of Guides and Scouts of Europe active in 19 countries with 55,000 members strong.  FNE offers four single-gender unique program levels: Otters ages 6 and 7, Timber Wolves ages 8 to 12, Explorers ages 12 to 16 and Wayfarer Explorers ages 17 to 24.

What makes FNE unique?

We deliver a Christ-centered program experience where each member strives to become an Ordinary Saint through love, service, hard work, dedication, honesty, integrity, compassion, courage, prudence, and by embracing the Sacraments of the Church. We hold true to our values and ideals even if society may be moving in a different direction.

We are uniquely a uniformed movement (one for males and another for females). Our youth proudly wear their uniforms as part of their program experience. 

What do we do?

Some examples include:

  • A strong sense of brother / sisterhood
  • Belonging to a family, being loved
  • To take on and value a sense of responsibility

  • Help care for the environment
  • Service to others, feed the homeless, visit seniors, visit hospitals 
  • Explore and enjoy the great outdoors

  • Grow measurably in your faith, embrace the sacraments
  • Fun and exciting games

  • Physically active and challenging, endurance with a sense of purpose and fun
  • Work hard and play hard
  • Potential international travel

  • Yearly summer camp
  • Weekend and all seasonal camps with progressive challenge based on age and experience
  • Visits and tours (e.g. an airport) or a Library
  • Uniquely a uniformed movement, a sense of belonging and care for self and uniform
  • To be part of a small group (six or a Patrol) within a larger group (Den, Troop or Clan)
  • Adventure in a safe and controlled manner

Why should my child join FNE?

At the core of our movement are values which teach every participant what it means to become a fully formed man or women. Our youth learn the importance of meeting life’s challenges with an increased sense of responsibility, so as to be better suited to live, work, and play with youth and adults from other cultures and life experiences.

A few Parental Testimonies


"The Timber Wolf and Explorer program have brought many positive changes to our family."

   "Our children, on Timber Wolves meeting day, they are always READY way before the meeting time pushing me to be hurry because they do not want to miss out any second of it."

  "It is nice to see my son is getting along with group of other children and learning positive teamwork and social skills."

    "My sons especially confess that God, far way above the sky, is now near them and even exists in their body... what a great blessing."

"My son now strongly believes GOD and often telling non-Christian friends about the existence of GOD excitedly."



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