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We deliver a proven same gender year round program experience that helps shape youth into honest, loving, Christ centered, happy young men and women in a fun and constructive manner.

Our youth learn to respect and work with members of our larger community at the local, regional or international level regardless of creed, race or culture.

Boys and girls learn how to assume responsibility, leadership positions, to work hard within a diverse team and as individuals and to finish what they start. Activities are constructive with purpose and structure to develop skills and useable knowledge and experiences that will measurably help develop the all-around child to be the best that he or she can be.

A sense of God, right from wrong, love, service, charity, kindness is fully interwoven into their program experience from a Catholic Christian (blessed by Holy Seefaith perspective. Our youth have the opportunity to embrace the Sacraments of the Catholic Church within various FNE program activities such as weekend camps.

FNE like its home movement (Federation of Scouts of Europe – FSE) remains true to its values, principles and ideals even if society ideals and values differ than those of our FNE movement. Our leaders are all volunteers (with background checks) who devote their time and effort to protect, guide and lead the youth entrusted to our program through our dynamic and extra ordinary challenging program.

All donations and funds raised directly support the youth, our volunteer leaders and their program. We are a registered charity.

We are uniquely a uniformed movement that operates our program like a family with loveresponsibility, support and encouragement. Come and learn more about us to see how your children and your whole family will benefit from Youth Movement.

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Why Am I an FNE Explorer?

Reflections offered by a number of our Explorers and in one case by a Wayfarer Explorer …

By Assistant Patrol Chief of Wolf Patrol - San – age 14

We live in a world where almost anything goes.  This makes it hard to see what is good and what is bad. However Christianity teaches people the crucial differences between good and bad.

FNE Parade and visit to the Thornhill Village Festival

The Thornhill Village Festival is a yearly event that allows us as a movement to be seen in public as a relative and vibrant movement for the youth who live in our local community of Thornhill and area.

We received many compliments from members of the public as to how sharp our youth and their leaders looked in their uniforms with event organizers expressing their pleasure of our continued involvement in this popular community event.

Our Explorer Program in Pictures!

Come and learn more about our boy Explorer program!

FNE 2012 Pilgrimage - One to remember for years to come!

FNE Pilgrimage – 2012 – to Cornwall, Montreal, Ottawa and Kingston

New FNE Promotional Videos!

Visit and see our two newest FNE promotional videos!

Girl Timber Wolf and Explorer First Ever Summer camp!

Forecast for 7-Jul-12 Thunderstorm --> Cloudy --> Clear Sky

Our first day of camp started with gray sky which was followed by heavy rainfall. Albeit this less than optimal weather, our group gathered at the Blessed Trinity Parish and attended mass together. When mass was finished, everyone had arrived.  Our entire group consisted of 3 leaders, 8 Timberwolves and 4 Explorers. 4 parent volunteers tagged along.

An experience of a life time - World Youth Day - Madrid Spain

World Youth Day - Madrid Spain - August 2011

Our movement both here in North-America and in Europe is very much focused on service, to help, to make a positive difference in the lives of others while growing ourselves as an individual and as a FSE/FNE family.

Running a WYD is no small feat... the logistic's, coordination, facilitation and more is a huge undertaking that requires many many hours of service and effort.

Special evening at Summer Camp - Carrying the Cross followed by Mass and Eucharistic Adoration!

What might it have been like for Jesus to carry his cross almost 2,000 years ago on the road to Calvary?  Jesus wants us to meditate on his Passion so that we might better understand how much the Lord suffered for each and every human being ever created by God now and until the end of time. 

Our Timber Wolves, Explorers and Leaders carried around a life sized cross together to help like Simon did, to pray, to reflect on the Lord's passion.  See the photo's below... it was and continues to be a very moving experience that helps draw each and every one of us ever closer to Jesus our Saviour!

Summer Camp - Prayers and Holy Mass - the start of our day

Each day our timber wolves and explorers (separate) gathered to start our day with daily prayers along with confession before all gathering together for Holy Mass. These photo's highlight some of the special moments that help convey our boys love and trust in our Lord.

Reciting the Chaplet of Divine Mercy together!


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