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We deliver a proven same gender year round program experience that helps shape youth into honest, loving, Christ centered, happy young men and women in a fun and constructive manner.

Our youth learn to respect and work with members of our larger community at the local, regional or international level regardless of creed, race or culture.

Boys and girls learn how to assume responsibility, leadership positions, to work hard within a diverse team and as individuals and to finish what they start. Activities are constructive with purpose and structure to develop skills and useable knowledge and experiences that will measurably help develop the all-around child to be the best that he or she can be.

A sense of God, right from wrong, love, service, charity, kindness is fully interwoven into their program experience from a Catholic Christian (blessed by Holy Seefaith perspective. Our youth have the opportunity to embrace the Sacraments of the Catholic Church within various FNE program activities such as weekend camps.

FNE like its home movement (Federation of Scouts of Europe – FSE) remains true to its values, principles and ideals even if society ideals and values differ than those of our FNE movement. Our leaders are all volunteers (with background checks) who devote their time and effort to protect, guide and lead the youth entrusted to our program through our dynamic and extra ordinary challenging program.

All donations and funds raised directly support the youth, our volunteer leaders and their program. We are a registered charity.

We are uniquely a uniformed movement that operates our program like a family with loveresponsibility, support and encouragement. Come and learn more about us to see how your children and your whole family will benefit from Youth Movement.

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FNE Explorers - Group Directory

We must change boys from a ‘what can I get’ to a ‘what can I give’ attitude.— Lord Baden-Powell



Main Facebook page: Federation of North-American Explorers [FNE]

We currently have 23 groups in Canada and the United States.

FNE summer camp your personal invitation



Dear Parents, Families and Friends of FNE

1st El Camino Real Timber Wolf Den Promise Ceremony!

Timber Wolf Promise Ceremony with the 1st El Camino Real Timber Wolf Den!

Akela:              TIMBER WOLVES…. DO YOUR

All:                  BEST

Akela:  (to the sixer of the tender pad ):  A boy committed to your six wishes to

become a timber wolf lead him to me.  (The sixer leads him to Akela

walking outside of the circle, holding him by the shoulder.)

FNE and Eucharistic Adoration

For Our Timber Wolves and Explorers

Within our FNE Explorer movement we strive to help our members grow ever closer to God by incorporating various elements or aspects of our faith into our everyday program.

Are we successful, you bet we are! Parents and youth members regularly report back a sense of a greater peace, heightened sensitivity to doing what is right and just, the realization that sin in our world (including our own) is very real, an issue that we all struggle with each and every day of our lives. We are drawn ever closer to the Lord through the sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist while being increasingly willing to enter into prayer so that together and as individuals we can grow ever stronger in our love and trust in God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. As Explorers we are gaining a sense of joy by serving others (such as feeding the homeless or visiting seniors), to be sincerely forgiving those who have sinned against us or our loved ones, by being set free by asking for forgiveness for our own trespasses from the Lord and our fellow human beings, and by respecting and loving fellow human beings regardless of gender, creed or culture as we are all children of God.

The Federation of North American Explorers Comes to Oklahoma by Father Joseph Portzer

Recently a Catholic movement that has been a powerful source for good in the Catholic Church in Europe has branched out across the Atlantic, being established first in Canada and then in the United States.  Rather surprisingly, one of its first new centers is Oklahoma, which is called the buckle of the bible belt.  The sharp new uniforms and happy faces in the group photo of the 34 new young members caught the attention of parishioners when the Federation of North American Explorers (FNE) had their first fundraiser, a successful bake sale, in the kitchen after the Sunday masses.

Consecration and Enthronement of the Federation of North-American Explorers to the Sacred Heart of Jesus!

Consecration and Enthronement of the Federation of North-American Explorers to the

Sacred Heart of Jesus - June 2014          

Profile: Our Lady of the Annunciation FNE Group - Charles Town, West Virginia

Please read about our brothers in West Virginia!

Group Leader: Terry Schau, schauterry(at)
Group Name: Our Lady of the Annunciation FNE Group
Group Colors: Royal Blue and Gold

Musical Resource Materials for FNE Explorers and Eurojam

Key prayers and songs to master before we arrive in France include:

The Sign of the Cross / Signum Crucis

In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Latin Version: Signum Crucis
In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti. Amen.

A letter from the National FNE Religious Advisor Fr. Beaugrand

Semper Parati


At the beginning of the civil year, I would like to wish to your groups a happy and holy new year. There is one thing that we should pray every single time we tighten our belts; that is “Semper Parati.”


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