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We deliver a proven same gender year round program experience that helps shape youth into honest, loving, Christ centered, happy young men and women in a fun and constructive manner.

Our youth learn to respect and work with members of our larger community at the local, regional or international level regardless of creed, race or culture.

Boys and girls learn how to assume responsibility, leadership positions, to work hard within a diverse team and as individuals and to finish what they start. Activities are constructive with purpose and structure to develop skills and useable knowledge and experiences that will measurably help develop the all-around child to be the best that he or she can be.

A sense of God, right from wrong, love, service, charity, kindness is fully interwoven into their program experience from a Catholic Christian (blessed by Holy Seefaith perspective. Our youth have the opportunity to embrace the Sacraments of the Catholic Church within various FNE program activities such as weekend camps.

FNE like its home movement (Federation of Scouts of Europe – FSE) remains true to its values, principles and ideals even if society ideals and values differ than those of our FNE movement. Our leaders are all volunteers (with background checks) who devote their time and effort to protect, guide and lead the youth entrusted to our program through our dynamic and extra ordinary challenging program.

All donations and funds raised directly support the youth, our volunteer leaders and their program. We are a registered charity.

We are uniquely a uniformed movement that operates our program like a family with loveresponsibility, support and encouragement. Come and learn more about us to see how your children and your whole family will benefit from Youth Movement.

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Welcome to our new FNE National Religious Adviser!

Laziness and Exploring can’t go together; you just have to give up one or the other.

Welcome our new FNE National Religious Advisor!

47827_143893389109405_249942492_nThe Federation of North-American Explorers is pleased to announce the Fr. Piotr Narkeiwicz of our Polish FSE association has agreed to join us as our FNE national religious advisor.  As our new FNE board will be meeting soon to continue to develop the future of our movement in North-America, we are grateful for our religious advisors, who care for the souls of the children of our movement, as well as the leaders who give their time to build it and make it possible.  Fr. Narkeiwicz has cared for the souls of many Guides and Explorers in Europe, including at Eurojam this past summer, and was most recently present at a joint camp between the 1st North Star and 1st Our Lady of the Annunciation FNE groups.  Please remember Fr. Narkeiwicz in your prayers that he may be a good shepherd for us, and also for our leaders that Our Lord may continue to protect us and guide us in our efforts.  Welcome Father Piotr, and Semper Parati!  

An Experience of a Lifetime - Eurojam in Normandy France!

Eurojam – Proof of a true brotherhood and sisterhood

Once every 10 years or so our larger home movement known as the FSE calls together Explorer Troops from all 21 member countries to come as a family for a once in lifetime experience called Eurojam.  Euro means European and jam means jamboree… a term made popular by the founder of our program method Lord Robert Baden-Powell. 

Profile: Divine Mercy FNE, Branford, Florida

Please read about our brothers and sisters in the Sunshine State!

Group Leader: Deacon Paul Pettie, ppettie(at)gmail(dot)com
Group Name: Divine Mercy FNE Group
Group Colors: Crimson/Red and Pale White

Remembrance Day for our Youth

Paying respect to our War Dead 

In our busy world with its many demands and distractions including the ever increasing noise from social media in may be hard for many a youth to “Remember” to care, and to pay respect.   Remember what you may ask… to remember the many young men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice by giving up their lives in WW1 and WW2 along with the battles in Korea, Afghanistan, on Peace keeping missions and sadly recently even here at home.

Southern York Region and Toronto Area - FNE program start ups!

Timber Wolves for boys typical ages 8 to 12:

Photo: Fun with my brother timber wolves!

Monday or Wednesday evenings 6.40 to 8.35 p.m. in a school in Thornhill

Thursday evenings 7.15 to 8.35 p.m. in a school in Toronto (near Don Mills Road and York Mills Road)

Timber Wolf girls typical ages 8 to 12:

Every 2nd Saturday morning from 8.30 a.m. to 10.00 a.m. in a church in the Don Mills - Ontario Science Centre area

Explorers of the faith - article in the Florida Catholic Newspaper

Explorers of the faith

Federation of North American Explorers mix camping, faith and fun

Friday, September 05, 2014
Angelique Ruhi-Lopez - Florida Catholic

Otters participate in a game involving strength and teamwork during a May campout at Bill Sadowski Park in Palmetto Bay.


FNE Explorers - Group Directory

We must change boys from a ‘what can I get’ to a ‘what can I give’ attitude.— Lord Baden-Powell



Main Facebook page: Federation of North-American Explorers [FNE]

We currently have 21 groups in Canada and the United States with others in the early stages of formation in both countries.

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